Celebrity Yoga Posers

Here's the place where I pretend to edit the front-of-the-book (called FOB in the biz) of an imaginary celebrity yoga magazine called Posers. I'll share celebrity yoga tidbits I've gathered from all over these interwebs. So here I go.

Yoga and having Russell Simmons as a "mentor" has saved Ashley Dupre's life. In case you've forgotten, Dupre, pictured here, was the "pro" former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer called when he wanted to spend $4,000 an hour and wear socks in a hotel room without his wife. Not only is she blogging about yoga and various other sundry examined life topics for Simmons site Global Grind, Dupre told the New York Post:

The past year has obviously been very difficult for me. Yoga has really helped me turn it into a huge learning experience. I'm working hard to take what I went through and turn it into something positive. Yoga helps me focus.

PETA is now focusing on their 2009 worst dressed list and yogi Madonna is at the top for her fur wearing habit. The honor has Yoga Journal asking how wearing fur aligns with the yoga philosophy of ahimsa and Peta has their classic snark sound bite to back it up as well as a video about fur cruelty narrated by Tim Gunn:

When you see Madonna in fur, you realize why nobody has copied her style since 1984. We know that she's on the prowl for a young cub, but someone needs to tell Madge that wearing fur doesn't make you a cougar.

On a more wholesome note, Olympic Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen says yoga helps her keep-up with her grueling Smuckers Stars on Ice show tour. Cohen got on the mat after her 2006 Olympic win to help with chronic shoulder and back pain. She says her practice made the pain disappear and more. As she told the Providence Journal:

I like to do some power yoga, Vinyasa, you know flow, yoga...It definitely helps my balance and strength, and my body awareness...Mentally and physically I feel amazing," Cohen said. "I love the calming effect of yoga practice. I meditate; I feel calmed and grounded.

Let's hear it for staying calm and grounded.


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