Does Malibu Need Another Rehab?

Apparently the folks at Moonview Sanctuary think so. So join me in welcoming Moonview's Malibu Sanctuary to the freak-out and dry-out PCH brigade that includes Passages, Promises, Milestones, Horizons and many more.

I actually wrote about Moonview Sanctuary in 2005 when it first opened in Santa Monica. I was on assignment for Vogue but the piece ended up running in the L.A. Times (It's a long story that involves the whims of Anna Wintour but I did get paid in full, twice which was nice).

At the time, I spent lots of time with the founders, most notably Laurie Perlman (former Madonna agent turned shrink) and her live-in boyfriend Gerald Levin. The couple has since married but at the time Levin, the former CEO of Time Warner, was coming off the murder of his son and the doomed merger he made with AOL. He was genuinely smitten with his girlfriend and he said they liked to meditate and walk on the beach. She also liked to share her knack for getting in touch with those who have left this earth -- life after life, psychics and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

I actually go in for that kind of thing so no hating there. I also liked the Moonview concept -- a multi-disciplinary approach that includes Eastern and Western medicine as well as adjunct modalities like yoga therapy, equine assisted therapy, cranial sacral therapy, art therapy, sex therapy and music therapy.

But the thing that bothered me was the price tag (over $150,000) and the indulgence -- chefs, luxury hotel acomodations, concierge service, massages -- you know resort stuff. I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps that's a bad idea for addicted, self-involved celebrities and/or power brokers who already have a bevy of yes-men-and-women on their payroll.

Opening yet another luxury rehab in this economy just seems so 2008. Right? Why not just show up for a NA, AA, CA, MA, GA, or EA meeting in Malibu? And then take a yoga class. As they say, keep coming back. It works if you work it.

Photo courtesy of Malibu Chamber of Commerce

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