Om-bama in the West Wing

It turns out Melody Barnes, the director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and the person charged with leading the President's agenda on health-care, immigration, urban affairs and education, is a self-professed Yogi.

According to Jessica Yellin at CNN:

Barnes makes time every morning for yoga. The meditation, she says, helps get through her marathon day of meetings and briefings. As a key White House official making sure the president's expansive domestic policy agenda is implemented, she probably can use help from every corner.

And she isn't alone in those in the West Wing who look to yoga.

"Yoga is very very important. It keeps me centered. I know yoga is also something that [White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel] practices. I think there are a number of people around here that do the same," Barnes said.

Cool little tidbit. And I love that Rahm Emanuel's on the mat too. I suspect he's an Ashtanga guy, don't you think? What a change. Can you even imagine Dick Cheney in down dog? I'd rather not.

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