Whole Life Times Bites the Dust

It's a sad time in our media world. And it just got sadder with the shuttering of Conscious Enlightenment, Inc. which published Chicago's Conscious Choice, Common Ground in San Francisco and Whole Life Times here in Los Angeles.

In this case, the news of yet another media outlet biting the dust has been strangely under-reported. I stumbled across Charles Shaw's account on the Huffington Post this morning. Shaw, who worked at Conscious Enlightenment Publishing for a stint, gives a pretty juicy account of his time there, the take-over by Gaiam and ultimately how these progressive publications, which managed to sustain themselves for nearly 30 years became corporate sacrificial lambs. Like I said, sad, especially for those of us who are interested in LOHAS. (By the way, I hate that term, don't know why, just do. Pretentious, maybe?)

The good news is that the Chicago staff is already back at work and launching a new publication called Mindful Metropolis. They're determined to carry-on their mission to stay, as they say, "eco-active, enviro-sensitive and socially involved." According to a press release, James Faber, editor and production manager, says, “Mindful Metropolis is more than just a print publication. We’ll bring conscious living ideas to our readers and share what is happening in our community with them so we can become more connected and committed to socially-conscious living.”

And they're busy. The new magazine is slated to hit the streets of Chicago May 1st. I wish them the best of luck because in this market it's not enough to be good at your job, you've got to be a friggin' editorial warrior. Carry on brave ones.

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