Free Fruit in West Hollywood

This afternoon, I discovered that a generous neighbor had left a pile of plump, fragrant oranges on the sidewalk (with bags too) for anyone who wanted to share his bounty. I loved the spirit of giving and enjoyed even more the fresh orange juice, which in this house, led to a cocktail or two. A perfect way to cap-off Memorial Day Weekend.

I don't know my neighbor's name but I'm very familiar with his landscaping. I often walk by his purple house and smile. His garden grows in a crazy melange of flowers and fruit and trees and vines. This guy even landscaped the public thoroughfare and installed a fountain taking the idea of public private partnership into a fabulous realm only possible in West Hollywood.

This got me thinking about growing food in public spaces and community gardens. And I thought, what if cities planted fruit trees? How cool would that be? Until that happens, we'll have to rely on Fallen Fruit. This collective not only makes art, they've also mapped the fruit trees publicly accessible in neighborhoods all over Los Angeles so we can all share the wealth.

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