Dahn Yoga's Distrubing Lawsuit Cites Sex and Toilet Water

In this month's L.A. Yoga, Sam Slovick interviews Dahn Yoga founder Ilchi Lee and oddly there's nary a mention of the disturbing lawsuit that was filed against Dahn Yoga and its Health Centers (there are 130 schools around the world). I've heard and read about allegations of weirdness from the Dahn camp for years so I was surprised to see L.A. Yoga gave Dahn any play.

Now, courtesy of Yoga Dork, I was able to read the complaint filed by 26 former students. The allegations aren't pretty -- very expensive workshops, isolation from friends and family all to "tap into the infinite potential of your brain through brain wave vibration" -- whatever that means. And not very clean either. It appears the Sedona Arizona center forgot all about saucha:

At Dahn’s Sedona, Arizona Center....retreats there also included “competitive events where losers were punished by sticking their heads in the toilet, drinking toilet water, licking and kissing the other members’ feet on the floor of the men’s bathroom."
Ewww. One Dahn recruit alleged she was forced to have sex with Lee (juicy details on p. 33-34 of the complaint). So much for Lee's claims of "boosting brain power" by performing "spiritual surgery."

Anyone have first-hand experience with the Dahn school?


  1. Thanks for asking! My name is Genia and I am a Dahn Yoga Instructor (for about 7 years now) and was a practitioner for 4 years before that. My experience has been totally different. This practice resonates with me and has allowed me to open my chakras and access inner wisdom in a way that all yoga's have the potential to do, but this is the one that did it for me. Dahn Yoga has a lot to offer. I know a lot of the stuff in the lawsuit is twisted information and I deeply question the intentions of the people who filed it.

  2. Thanks for your comment Genia. We all have to be grateful when we find the yoga system that works for us. I guess the one good thing about the lawsuit is that as the case unfolds, we'll find out about the intentions of the people who filed it and learn for sure if the lawsuit is frivolous.

  3. I also have not had the kind of negative experiences claimed in the lawsuit. I've been teaching Dahn Yoga for over 3 years now. The reason I started was because the training brought out in me and the people around me the deep, unconditional love I have longed to see in the world for my whole life. Of course, continuing to express and live that love consistently takes practice, but I feel that my Dahn Yoga practice gives me what I need to keep bringing that out and fortifying it. I am very grateful for it.

  4. I agree! Peace to all. (This is Genia agai :@)

  5. If you experience the whole benefits of Dahn Yoga, you'll appreciate it.
    Above all, you should listen to the instructor because they know the most about how efficiently get benefits from.
    My mom got over her depression and my dad got healed from rheumatism by simply doing Brain Wave Vibration and Dahnjon tapping.
    I love Dahn Yoga and I appreciate it so much.

  6. I've done Dahn Yoga on and off for about 6 years. I've moved around a lot so I've been to probably about 4 or 5 different locations in California and Arizona. Some of the programs seem pricy, but nobody's forcing you to do them and most people seem to like the results. I haven't done all of them, but the few I've done have been very good. I don't know anything about this lawsuit, but PERSONALLY I've never experienced anything even remotely like that. Also from the hundreds of people I've met through the studios, I've never HEARD of anything like that either... so I don't know, I'll keep going because I've learned in life to trust my experiences over hearsay.

  7. I've also had good experiences with Dahn Yoga, as a practicioner and employee.

    I have been challenged in mind and body on numerous occasions, but always I felt free to express myself as an employee and an individual, and to choose what to do with my life.

    As people will understand through any self-reflective practice, the true struggle is within :) and the way we judge others is usually a reflection of our internal struggle... just my take on it.

  8. Why do we focuse so much on things that creates negative energy? Why can we focuse on the positive aspects of our experience. Through Dahn yoga, I have experience profound healing, on physical and emotional level. This is my own experience and I do not want to taint this in any way.

  9. Hello! I heard about this post from a friend so I'd like to comment. I am also a long-time Dahn Yoga practitioner who eventually became an instructor.

    It's been a HUGE positive influence in my life. I've never seen, experienced, or heard encouraged any of the extreme behavior in this lawsuit, and the rest is just severely misinterpretted and twisted to sound totally awful. I agree in the the truth will be revealed in the court.

    Anywyas, Dahn Yoga really helped me with anxiety and depression. I had pretty severe case of both when I joined as a grad student, and after even a month of training I felt a huge difference. The benefits have only gotten greater, and now I'm a happier, much more healthy person than when I began!

  10. I just wanted to say that I have been a Dahn Yoga Instructor for 7 years now and have healed and grown on so many levels through the practice. My famly is so happy and can see how much I have grown and changed to be more peaceful and confident than I was before. Every time I am with my mom she talks about how much my energy helps her to feel more grounded, peaceful and centered. It saddens me so much to see that a group of people would attack this organization that has helped so many people grow and heal and is wroking to help to awaken and heal humanity and this Earth which so depseratley needs to change. These people are doing this for their own personal gain wich makes me truly sad.

  11. Hi there, I practice & instruct Dahn Yoga in the Washington DC area. I started participating in the training about 4 years ago. Personally, I experienced a lot of benefits from the regular classes (relaxing breathing, better focus, etc) but the point when I really started to feel more empowered to actively change my life was when I participated in the workshop programs. These really helped me to understand more principles about energy circulation in my body, and energy management in my brain. Something as simple as the mantra, "My body is not me, but mine," that I learned in the first workshop I took, let me realize that I have the power to manage my physical and energy condition, and that I can choose where to place my focus and awareness. So I started to choose HSP, Health Smile (Happiness)& Peace (a DahnYoga motto), and I started to become much more satisfied with my life.
    I haven't experienced anything like what these former participants have claimed. All the instructors are really positive and inspired me to more actively create a healthy and peaceful life for myself. I am grateful for the guidance I have received from the instructors and from Ilchi Lee himself.

  12. Hi My name is Kim. I have been practice dah yoga 9yrs and I have been working as instructor 5yrs. My experience about dahn yoga and workshops were really great and healing, so I became Dahn instructor, and through these 5yrs I learned the way that I can help my self bacome more healthier, happier, peaceful.
    Physically, this training helped me that I can heal stomach acid reflux naturally which I have been have more than 10yrs and I have much more self-love,confidence and positive attitude.
    So the informations in this lawsuit make me feel very uncomfortable. Because It was not true, and totally opposit with my 9yrs experience of Dahnyoga.

  13. I have trained Dahn Yoga for about 2years now. I have went to 3 Dahn centers in different locations and the experience was generally the same. There was a little difference in teaching style from those instructors, however, it was overall a satisfying experience. As far as the lawsuit is concerned, I believe that the court will find justice and if there are flaws in the Dahn organization(like all organizations do) this incident will help them rectify and improve.

  14. After more than 7 years of teaching, lecturing and practicing Dahn Yoga I have seen more lives touched by this training method than in any other career I could possibly imagine.

    To help others find what they really want in their lives and help give them the courage to go after it is a blessing I wouldn't trade for anything.

  15. I have also had an amazing experience as a Dahn Yoga employee. I have had the chance to meet hundreds maybe even thousands of people who have taught me how beauiful the world can be. I had the opportunity for tremendous growth and development. It is not always easy, but human relationships never are, but I can really appreciate the people who are around me. Each of them has really taught me so much about myself. I am so happy hear and look forward to more growth and responsibility.

  16. Of course, there is nothing shady about running multiple companies with the same employees and directors transferring money to each other. Some call that racketeering. Also, you comments just provide a little anecdotal evedince of how we should ignore any possibly negative side-effects and only concentrate on the positive. That's kind of like wondering why Hitler was so bad when he promised a brave new peaceful world.

    Forcing enlightenment=fascism!

  17. Dahn and Ilchi Lee's days are seriously numbered, and they know it, and boy is it fun to watch them scramble! That is why all of these people have been asked to post here by the Dahn Yoga corporate headquarters, to fool readers into thinking that Dahn has more supporters than it does in reality.

    The truth is that membership is declining, members and masters are leaving in droves, centers are closing, and almost everyone with something positive to say about this group is either too deeply brainwashed to know right from wrong anymore, or they are a new member, and have no idea of the extremely seedy history of Dahn and Lee. I can tell you that 99% of the positive posters here will be gone from Dahn Yoga within one year.

    There is absolutely no reason to get involved with a group that is generating so much damaging press. There are hundreds of reputable schools of yoga out there. Allegations of rape, brainwashing and forcing members to go into massive amounts of debt should be enough to make consumers STEER CLEAR!

  18. Genia Sullivan (the Dahn employee who posts several times here) now has one friend in Dahn who died in front of her eyes (that would be Julia Siverls - you can read the wrongful death lawsuit that was filed by her family here - Genia was with her on her fatal hike in the Arizona desert: http://www.rickross.com/reference/dti/dti44.pdf) and another friend who claims she was raped by Dahn's guru, Ilchi Lee (this woman's experience can be read in detail here: http://www.freedomofmind.com/resourcecenter/groups/d/dahn-hak/former-dahn-masters-file-law-suit/). What will it take for Genia to wake up? Watching someone die and hearing a close, trusted friend claim rape isn't enough? Turning your back on a friend who was raped is despicable. You should be ashamed, Genia.

  19. I've had extensive experience with dahn yoga. I was a member for years. I was a college student going for a major in business but my master thought there were better things inline for me. That's when I really started to be a little skeptical. I've never once had anyone ask me to stop attending higher education so I can use my loan money to pay for classes and retreats. I can say I was on the brink of pure brainwash but I was able to stop myself before I went too deep

  20. Sometimes if you see only what you are watching, it is hard to realize what it is.
    Here is something you'd better take a look first. A pattern of a cult. You will see it more clearly after study.


    There are many different types of destructive cults, and the diversity of cult beliefs and practices sometimes makes it hard for family members and friends to decide whether their loved one is in trouble or not. Although there are still groups whose followers cut their hair short and wear identical clothing, like the members of Heaven's Gate, this is by no means the case with most modern-day cult groups. Today, for example, many cults require their members to wear business suits so that they blend in with their environment.

    All cult members may not look alike, but I have found that destructive cults follow specific behavior patterns that set them apart from other groups. By learning to identify these patterns, you will be better qualified to determine if someone you care about is actually involved with a cult. A group should not be considered a "cult" merely because of its unorthodox beliefs or practices. Instead, destructive cults are distinguished by their use of deception and mind control techniques to undermine a person's free will and make him dependent on the group's leader.


    1.Religious or Spiritual Groups
    2.Political Groups
    3.Therapy / Large Group Awareness Training Groups
    4.Commercial Groups

    - by Steven Hassan (Cult expert)

  21. I have been involved with Dahn Yoga for only about 6 months. There is a lot of good in the essence of the teachings, and the exercise classes always made me feel better. I did go to one of the retreats, which was in some ways a really fun experience, and in other ways, quite disappointing. When I started to attend Chun Hwa Butterfly meetings and was critical of a program that didn't sit right with me (as I was asked to be in charge of implimenting it at my center), I was chastised for being a source of negative energy. Later I was told that I should support the vision, rather than have my own mind (will). After my (otherwise lovely) master said that she would help me only if I keep purchasing workshops, I stopped attending.

    When I looked back at when I was pushed to sign up for "more training", it was when my state of mind was altered via lying on a wooden arch for 30+ minutes, intense exercise, or excessively long repetitive lectures (like the hypnosis technique). At first I thought it was a culture difference, but now I think it's manipulation.

    The masters I have met are wonderful people, and could do so much good if they were free to honor their own will. I would continue to go to Dahn Yoga if my growth were more important than perpetually buying more workshops with money I don't have.

  22. I had a wonderful, kind master named Sam Kim. I had strong feelings for him. He came to me one evening at a clinic and was sobbing. He was being forced to relocate. He had 2 days. That was it, I wasn't allowed to contact him and neither he me. I pray he is happy and ok.

  23. Genia deeply questions the intentions of the claimants. But Genia knows the claimants better than most people and knows they just want to do what is right. To help you understand Genia, go back and remember when you first started, when you were first going through the programs, through your breaking down training that took years.....and imagine that you knew irrefutably then that Ilchi Lee is a sexual predator, sleeps with hundreds of women, has wealth in the hundreds of millions that no one knows about while every single speech he gives to the sabumnims talks about how more money needs to be made....and imagine if you knew all of the ways he embezzles money, has lied about people, and what really goes on behind closed doors in the inner circle.....think about these things and remember your training and breaking period....would you really have made the same choice? And would you really be questionning the intentions of people you have deeply loved and trusted in your past? You have a wonderful quote you have used in the past tagged at the end of your email about treating the pain of others as if it were your own. Why didn't you call Jade when you heard her story? You helped bring her in....but you didn't care that she said she had been abused sexually by her teacher! Genia, you are such a wonderful person, and will do so much good for people and this world.....but there is so much more waiting for you. Get some sleep, deeply think about this when you aren't so tired and have a huge vision hanging over your head every month. There is so much waiting for you in this world.

  24. Just to balance all the Dahn zombies that posted: Marin lawyer accuses yoga group of being a cult


  25. I'm deeply sorry that some members have had bad experiences with Dahn Yoga. I am now an employee of Dahn but have been a member for almost 7 years. For one year prior to joining Dahn Yoga, I was in and out of the hospital over 10 times because of a severe viral infection. Since I've joined Dahn I've not been in the hospital at all. Before Dahn, I was extremely controlling and suffering from a lot of stress. Now I'm healthier than I've ever been and am able to be a positive influence on my family and friends. The biggest penalty I've ever done was push-ups. Maybe for 1 minute. What was the penalty for, not putting out 100%. I've also heard of HS football players who were asked to do push-ups for not giving enough. Indeed hazing in high school teams involves some extreme trials, including people that died. Maybe high school football is a cult and should be banned. I personally believe in any organization where you are asked to bring your belief into play there is possibilities for abuse. If Ilchi Lee raped some member, I would be very surprised. He seems to be the essence of loving-kindness. Am I sometimes put out by the high cost of their advanced trainings, yes, but the few I've spent my hard earned money on have been well worth the money spent. Not just in the training at the time, but in my own personal growth. Do I buy into each idea? No. Was I ever threatened or abused because I didn't buy into a belief, no. I have found an organization that has helped me, my family and many other people. It's not perfect, but neither is the Catholic Church, the cult I was raised in.

  26. Hi,
    I've been a member of Dahn yoga for 5 years. I teach classes at senior centers for FREE and am encouraged to do so by the staff at my Dahn center because it can benefit the health and happiness of these seniors. I do not work for Dahn yoga and have been a member for 5 years, not a master, not an instructor at the center. It has made me healthier and happier than I ever imagined being and has helped and will help a lot of people.

  27. I've been practicing Dahn Yoga for two years. I started with the goal of increasing my strength and flexibility. I've realized these goals, my energy level is much higher than when I started, and I've also learned to relax on a deep level. My muscle tone has improved so much that I've gone down two sizes in pants. We've had several different instructors at my center, and I have never experienced anything but the most professional behavior from them. Yes, there is some pressure to take additional workshops, but I say no if I'm not interested. I'm a grown up, and no one is forcing me to attend yoga or make a commitment to any form of personal growth that doesn't suit me. The benefits of this practice far outweigh the cost in time and money to me.

  28. It's irresponsible to come out in support and defense of someone like Ilchi Lee without doing any research beforehand. A new lawsuit filed by two dozen former Dahn Masters is not surprising, especially after a high level disciple of Grand Master Ilchi Lee published the story of her own and others' sexual abuse by Lee in 1999. Kim Jiha, a famous Korean poet known for his democratic and patriotic causes, came out with a public statement condemning Ilchi Lee's totalitarian, manipulative, illegal, violent, and sexual predatory practices. Another high level disciple of Grand Master Ilchi Lee sued him in 2002 for almost the same things that the current 24 former masters are suing him for
    right now, including taking advantage of her sexually as she was under the influence of his charismatic dominance. In 2003, a family sued after four Dahn "healer" students and a "Master Healer" (ha!) let their loved one, a NYC professor (Julia Siverls), suffer for
    hours on end until she collapsed and died of dehydration right in front of their eyes. They were expected to complete an endurance hike in the blazing desert sun carrying rocks in their backpacks (and in their heads, apparently) instead of sports drinks, or at least enough water. It was so hot at that time, a record heat wave, that she saved all their lives by dying because no one could possibly carry enough water to complete a hike
    like that. Yet only one hiker that I know of was able to shake loose from the brain stupor of blind loyalty to tell what happened that day. One hiker posts her opposition to the 24 plaintiffs on the internet now, even after doing nothing to save her friend six years ago. The Master did acupressure on the palm of the comatose woman's hand, so delusional was he that his ki energy would awaken her, rather than use his cellphone to call for help. They dumped the rocks before the EMTs
    arrived and told the police that they all carried enough water and that she had refused to drink it. Doubtful, but even if true, they still let her die right in front of their Dahn "healer" noses. Ilchi Lee's Brain Education is about shutting off your thinking mind; he
    tells you this. That's a fine thing to do now and then, to quiet your mind for peaceful meditation, but to adopt this as a way of life, and walk around with your tailbone tucked under (Ilchi Lee said it helps
    develop "submission." I heard it myself on a youtube video), is tantamount to brain death, not brain education. Why don't you Dahn defenders ask a real brain scientist to watch Ilchi Lee's Youtube video on Brain Wave Vibration, his main Brain Education method.
    It's so riddled with new-age psycho babble that it's laughable. And he calls himself a brain scientiist, a "doctor" and now a "professor." He's a master in the art of mass persuasion and mind-control techniques. Do you Dahn supporters really buy his story that he didn't eat, drink, or sleep for 21 days on a
    mountain? If you believe that, I have a bridge to nowhere that I'd like to sell you.

  29. Its funny how the lawsuit doesn't seek to ban Dahn Yoga, nor have any people on this board. The only ones mentioning any kind of ban are those who are in the group. The lawsuit just seeks damages, not the outlawing of Dahn Yoga.

  30. That's because we, in America at least, also value freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and free enterprise. Dahn yoga isn't in itself a bad thing, but lying about your true purpose, manipulating people to exert undue influence, not paying people a legal amount, exploiting the corporate veil, false advertising of miracle cures - that's a matter of consumer rights and civil protections. America doesn't ban neo-nazism either, but does prosecute racial crimes.

  31. I have a loved one in this cult & we are trying to get her out. In less than 2 yrs she has gone $20k into debt because of this wonderful place. Even though this is a multi million dollar FOR PROFIT organization that brings in millions in profit to Ilchi Lee; she works for a little over minimum wage, forced to work hours that she isn't paid for (working with Dept of Labor already), no paid time off, she is basically the master's slave for whatever they want her to do, she has to pay for all her travel & training costs even though it is supposed to be making her a better employee, & she doesn't have health insurance because she can't afford it. Talking to the masters is a waste, they are all brainwashed into believing that the ends justifies the means. I pleaded with them to stop her from going on trips because she is addicted and it is killing her financially, they didn't care and have done NOTHING to help. In some cases they even borrowed her money to enable her (in process of filing complaint w Attorney General's office for predatory business practice).

    Dahn Yoga is the most important thing in her life. She gave up her lifelong relgious beliefs for the words of a 70 year old Korean cult leader. In his scripture books he proclaims himself to be a king and his believers should follow him if they want to get to heaven. Some members' families have had to hire professional therapists who specialize in cults or stage interventions in order to get them out. We are working with one to come up with a way to get our loved one out, & this isn't the first Dahn person this therapist has helped get out. What kind of "healthy" organization requires that? I've never heard of someone needing an intervention to quit Bally's or Lifetime Fitness.

    I read every page of the lawsuit complaint, some familiar from what my loved one told me, then denied months later after she got deeper & was brain washed more. 2 members were from Chicago & were DIE HARD members a year ago who helped pull my loved one into this cult. Yes some of the classes can be reasonable, but they push you into other classes, energy checkups, and workshops at hundreds of dollars each. They push some people into $5k, $10k, and $20k master programs and don't care how they pay for it. My loved one lies, begs, borrows, and steals in order to go on trips for this organization. And the masters don't care, as long as she is spending money with Dahn.

    Dahn uses classic mind control techniques, especially during retreats. Sleep deprivation, food deprivation, physical exhaustion, and repetitive lecturing of the cults teachings. "Love bombing" is a method of making people feel like they are welcomed and part of the group. Disassociation with their real names and lives by adding Korean words to their names or replacing their names with Korean words. Creating a unique language that outsiders wouldn't understand; Dahn combines English and Korean words into their own little language.

  32. continued...
    During a Tao lecture a Dahn master told us if we wanted to be really dedicated Dahn members that we would have to remove people from our lives that we had attachments to like boyfriends and girlfriends. However we could have intimate moments if we wanted to. If I removed all the other people from my life that loved and cared for me then who is left, Dahn? Masters work a ton of hours & according to the regional master in this area are not allowed to have relationships with members but they can with each other. This helps create an even closer knit group of masters, all devoted to the same cause; whatever ILCHI LEE says! They have a "vision" for their center as to how much profit they need to bring in, you'll notice their pushiness gets worse as the month comes to an end.

    I post here and on every site I can find in hopes of keeping anyone from spending money with these hacks. If you have problems in your life they will get you to tell them what it is and then they will use that to their advantage to get you to sign up for everything they can convince you will help you. Before you know it you'll be out thousands of dollars like so many others. ABC 15 in Arizona, CBS in Boston, CBS in Chicago, Fox Chicago, and CBS in San Francisco have all done storied on this organization.

  33. To all you Dahn people who are checking this because you were "asked" to: The message that is told by Dahn is correct (Love for the world and true self) but the METHOD IS WRONG. To give up everything to change the world is not right. The world won't change by those methods. Each of us will change- when we are ready. Money and time devotion DO NOT equal change and DO NOT equal self worth. Anyone who gives all of their life to a cause and chooses not to think anymore- to "just follow" is not helping anyone. These allegations whether they are 100% true or not should be enough to make you wake up. Some parts are true and YOU KNOW IT because you have gone through it. But you justify it and say that it helps you to be happy and change yourself. No enlightened person needs to force change. We don't change through force but through our true choice and true love, compassion and self-awareness. If you need to do excessive exercise, screaming, or self-analysis to see why you can't achieve your goal then the problem isn't yours. The problem is the goal. If it is a real and true goal then it shouldn't be so hard. Ask yourself why you still need to keep pushing. The world is not being cured by your methods. You are doing more harm than good. In the end, your soul will have to make reparations for that harm. True Self loves unconditionally. It doesn't need new members and more money to evaluate itself. Those goals are false measures. Look back to what you wanted in the beginning and you will see that this method isn't getting you there and it isn't helping others either. We can help you. You just need to seek us out and we will help. Your family and friends are willing to be there. When you are ready just do it. With Love- Someone who left Dahn and its wrong methods without explaining why.

  34. At the end of the day, the question is who do you trust?
    If a company tried to hide or remove all negative facts about themselves, would you trust them? What if the C.E.O made outlandish claims wouldn't you demand that person proved what they said or wrote? Wouldn't you be suspicious of a multinational business, if it had many branches under different names, all making it hard to recognize the owner? Now, what would one do if ex-customers and employees told you of suffering from PTSD, physical and mental assault, financial criminality all done by the business?
    Yes, all this is connected to Dahn Yoga, but members are coming forth and saying trust this business. Logic and reason sniffs the air, and says something about Lee as well as his business doesn't quite smell right. How can you have a Korean Yoga that predates even the existence of that nation? Or even claim the first enlightened person was Korean, heck, even Korean school kids think that's a myth.

  35. Another article on the Dahn cult. This time from Boston magazine. http://www.bostonmagazine.com/articles/the_other_side_of_enlightenment/

  36. What would you think if you couldn't or you would't even read the lawsuit that has been filed. I trust that no current master has. What would you think if Master Lee was mentally ill, he has so many bipolar characteristics, Did you know that practicing Qigong too much can cause psychosis and in appropriate sexual behavior. Wake up, Dahn formated chinese internal martial art and called it there own and used chinese mind control.That is why you feel so good and you don't care they are robbing you. I say if Master Lee is who he says he is then the money should be circulating back to his indentured servants but it isn't,Right now he has rented Radio City Music Hall, to have some Brain Art Festival, all masters had to go and pay for tickets and airfare. I pray for the victims, that they will see the inconsistancies and walk out the door to freedom.

  37. Does anybody find it interesting that the majority of positive "comments" about the organization happened to appear on this board within a 3 day period????? Could they have been told by their spiritual leader to defend the empire...?

  38. Ilchi Lee is a marketing genius. Somehow he got filthy rich by convincing people to pay him all kinds of money. Kudos. "How much is YOUR soul worth?"

  39. (part 1)
    In all honesty, after reading all these comments, most likely the people who wrote the negative comments are probably the people that are part of the lawsuit. Visa versa, the people who wrote all the good comments are from the organization itself. (at least they admitted to it)

    FYI, this is coming from a person who was in this organization as a practitioner/part-time employee and is no longer a part because of personal issues. (i had to move somewhere they don't have a center)

    Those of you who are complaining, yes I said "complaining," get over yourselves. NO BODY ever twisted your arm to do anything. I've been following this lawsuit and these "26 people's" attempt at using illegitimate information as facts and truth is hilarious. It's hilarious and immature in so many ways.

    But also in reality, it's true in a sense there may be some pressuring into doing a workshop or some other program, but look at the outcome after people have taken them. I remember so many of the members coming out the workshops and talking about how priceless the experience was.

    It's sad really because like most of the masters have said, that feeling, if lucky, will last about a month if self-discipline isn't practiced. And it's true. Dahn Yoga isn't trying to sell some miracle drug. They just want to teach individuals the power of the human brain and it's ability to create your life. (take the secret for example. the teachings are very similar, except for the fact that Dahn Yoga teaches you about all three-mind, body & spirit.)

    I remember my head master telling me once, "you're right it's a waste of money and time if you don't practice it. (he told me not to even bother taking a workshop because everyone else thought it was great and if I didn't plan on using it.) But if you properly utilize all the information learned and experienced through the workshop, it's priceless." Even though I'm not practicing at the center anymore, it's true what he told me. (i guess he used the good ol' reverse psychology on me... is this the mind control that these people are speaking of? haha)
    I am still using and utilizing the tools I learned while there. Because of this program that everyone seems to enjoy calling a cult, I am living my life with more fulfillment. I used to be a shy, introverted person, who couldn't even write something like this on a blog freely. But now, I have more confidence in myself and I have learned how to take responsibility for the actions and choices in my life.

  40. (part 2)
    I think that's one thing that the people in the lawsuit forgot or just don't want to accept that it's true. When things get hard in life, it's so much easier to blame than to accept it as your own consequences for the choices we made. There is no limitation while working in dahn. They want you to overcome your mental limitations and reach beyond your horizon. Because of them I rekindled a past love for music. Now I made my own little version of a studio and I can let my brain enjoy creation.

    My head master also told me at one point, not anyone can become a master or instructor. But they don't push anyone away who choose to grow. He even told me that the masters aren't masters either. The title "master" means that they have chosen a path to help master their lives. He constantly reminded me that he is human like me or you, it's just important for us to learn to take responsibilities in our lives. He taught me how to empower myself. And it was Ilchi Lee who taught him that. So in turn Ilchi Lee taught me how to empower myself and live a life that I learn to choose for and take responsibility for.

    Through my experiences with others in this practice, I realized that I was very fortunate to meet the master that I did. Perhaps it was because of personal differences that these people hold a grudge. If that is to be true, I wish that they didn't blame Ilchi Lee for this or make up outrageous stories about him. And sometimes that's the downfall for being a leader, is that they have to take the blame for all the little mistakes or big mistakes his or her students make.

    So I guess the point I'm trying to make is that we're all adults, that are capable of making intellectual decisions for ourselves. No body forced you to join Dahn in the first place. And to even have considered to become an instructor or even to stay a practitioner of Dahn Yoga is because you yourself felt some great benefit. Whether it was for health, mental, or spiritual, you saw the benefits and decided to start or continue on this path.

    Even though I'm not physically near any center or master, I still practice everything I learned on my own. Everyday, every moment is for me to teach myself how to live a better life. Not to fall into habits and how to create the life I want.

    So all I can say is thank you to everyone who has dedicated their life to teaching others this practice, and to Ilchi Lee for starting this journey for those of us who wish to continue.

    If you made it this far, thanks for reading.. :)

  41. Whoever posted the comments on September 2 in defense of Dahn is an idiot, and also clearly working for the organization. It's obvious. Please.

  42. To the pro-Dahn poster on Sept. 2: Um, you're wrong. I posted here and I am not one of the plaintiffs. I know many ex-members who are active online at this time, speaking out against Dahn, who are not part of this lawsuit.

  43. Genia!! What about Saeya!! I know you know what happened to her, and I know you know Jade long enough to KNOW she's telling the truth!! How can you still defend?? How do you sleep at night?!

  44. Evryone be carefull whith what u write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CJIKIUN WACHES YOU

  45. Anonymouse October 3. 6:29PM

    I know really Chun Ji Ki Un watches Ilchi Lee and expose a secret of Dahnhak.

  46. i hope CJKU is wathcing so that Lee pays for everything he's done, especially to the young women who trusted him!

  47. I joined Dahn yoga around 2 months ago and have not experienced any negative teaching nor any pressure from my instructor to take a specific workshop. There are quite some members in my class who have been practising Dahn Yoga for couple of years.

  48. This is Dahn price list

    1 month $170 member ship
    3 months $450
    6 months $820
    1 year $1450
    Gold membership $5,000
    Silver(plus) membership $4,000
    Silver Membership $ 3,000
    IA $295(one day) 2 days($395)
    Shim Sung $395
    PBM(Power Brain Management) $900
    Healing Chakra $295
    BEL(Brain Education Leadership) $3,900
    Dahn Mu DO
    Blue belt Corse$3,300
    Red belt Corse $3,300
    Healer master Course (Healer Course + Dahn Mu Do) $9,500
    BMC(Brain Management Course)$4,900
    MIT (Master In Training)$2,800
    Tao Holistic Healing $8,600(Mago Garden)
    Chun Myung$ 10,000(Mago Garden)
    Dae Shin Myung$100,000 (Mago Garden)
    BBC (Owner Education Fee) $10,000
    BBC(Education Fee+ Franchise License Fee) $30,000

    1. Hi, I was just looking at the prices you posted. Do you know if these prices are the same at all centres. My daughter i believe has signed up in Canada and am worried about how much she spent, and if she is going to get talked into more workshops

  49. Just search youtube for:

    Mind Control Cults

    or goto


    and decide for yourself.

  50. anonymous nay SayersYou are all cowards. And nobody puts a gun to your head to pay for more classes or seminars. I myself am alive today thanks to Dahn yoga. We are all free to practice it anyway at any degree at anytime as many times a day, week, once who cares? Whatever works for YOU is your business. But who are you and what business is it of yours and why are you giving up your own time barking and terrorizing folks cause they do somtething you do a little different than how you're doing it. Get a life and get grateful.

  51. I beg to differ, Andrea. I think you show your own cowardice in your defensive and hateful tone. It is no different that the most rabid of anti-Dahn people really; it all comes from the same dark place in the human psyche. Yes, you have a right to defend Dahn and pay all the money you want for programs, but people also have the right to speak out. Inside of Dahn, there may be no such thing an free speech, but in the rest of the US, the second amendment still stands. I am also really surprised to hear someone claiming that Dahn Yoga generates "unconoditional love." As far as I can tell, they only love those who think exactly like them, keep donating time and money without hesitation, and never dare to question or criticize anything. Their love is a "what have you done for me lately" kind of love, and they have consistently made enemies out of people who initially wanted to help them. If they are all about unconditional love, how could it be that so many people feel burned by them? Many people who have worked hard for them and have defended them in the past have ended up being stabbed in the back when they dared to stand up against corruption within the company. That is not not "unconditional love" by any stretch of the imagination.

  52. Oops, I mean first amendment, not second! LOL!

  53. The actual classroom efforts are useful for many. The issues with Dahn are when people can't really afford to take the classes and yet are so addicted to that Dahn high that they destroy their financial condition, in many cases with full knowledge of Dahn's leadership.

    Let me ask all the Dahn Yoga people on here. How many times have you "volunteered" for events? Whether you are an employee or just a memebr. How many times have members been asked to teach a class? I have heard this practice over and over again. Now do a little research on the US Dept of Labor's website under the Fair Labor Standard Act section and you will find that it is illegal for a non-charitable company to sit back and enjoy the benefits of hours worked by people who aren't getting paid.

  54. Next I would like to ask those Dahn employees how much they get in mileage reimbursement. Do you know that the Corporate standard is to pay employees the IRS rate of 55 cents per mile for the difference between your normal work commute and your new commute? When Dahn sends you to another center to work are you getting that mileage differential? Or do you get a flat $100 a month? Also since you are an employee and any training within the company makes you a better employee who can better sell the company's services shouldn't your entire training cost (travel, paid time off, and training costs) be paid by the company?? They are benefiting by your training too. Is your hourly wage sufficient for you to live your life, pay your living costs, and have some money for fun things? Have you been told in a Tao Lecture that savings money creates stagnant energy and you should spend it on Dahn training? I'm pretty sure I know all the answers to these questions and they will show you how much you really mean to Dahn Yoga.

  55. Next I would like to ask those Dahn employees how much they get in mileage reimbursement. Do you know that the Corporate standard is to pay employees the IRS rate of 55 cents per mile for the difference between your normal work commute and your new commute? When Dahn sends you to another center to work are you getting that mileage differential? Or do you get a flat $100 a month? Also since you are an employee and any training within the company makes you a better employee who can better sell the company's services shouldn't your entire training cost (travel, paid time off, and training costs) be paid by the company?? They are benefiting by your training too. Is your hourly wage sufficient for you to live your life, pay your living costs, and have some money for fun things? Have you been told in a Tao Lecture that savings money creates stagnant energy and you should spend it on Dahn training? I'm pretty sure I know all the answers to these questions and they will show you how much you really mean to Dahn Yoga.

  56. Again be carefull CJIKIUN wachng us all,meanwhile I belive that he [ilchi]went to the mountains nd really trained wthout eatng,sleaping and the reason was he was running awy from the police of South Korea....Pleaseeee people do you think all those masters in Korea they took trainng and they were masters,how do we know?my ex boy friend was a bank robber in Italy,now here in Boston he owns Italian restaurant and he says that he was a cook in Napoli......Wake up,wake up CJIKIUN.....By the way cosmic energy was alwys there we dont need that bipolar Lee guy tell us that is existing.....

  57. What can I say?you are very right,no wonder all those masters move around on the mask of'no attachments with members'

  58. Did anyone mention the pressure for "Masters" to achieve vision? Vision(to Dahn)is nothing more than a monthly sales quota. Masters are penalized (monetarily and physically) for not making "Vision". I've seen them consistently deprive employees of sleep, make them do repetitive exercises for HOURS, and pay "fines" out of thier own pockets.

  59. Anonymous naysayers obviously have nothing better to do with their time than put up extensive blog posts/responses all over the internet in which they slander a successful and reputable company. If you have any kind of moral consience, I hope you feel the sting of it when you go back to a Dahn Center to beg for help or when you use the practices you learned from the company you're trying so hard to drive out of business. The real Dahn masters are too busy actually making positive differences in the lives of their members and working with the UN with the goal of benefitting human beings and our planet Earth to waste their time on responding to preposterous and false accusations.

  60. I was in Dahn for 7 years. Did not become a master or myung sah because I already had a spiritual connection that was deep. Although not Christian, I long ago had an experience with Jesus that can't be explained. As a result, I feel he is my 'master teacher' and I try to be in alignment as much as possible with his actual teachings--much different than what is often considered as Christian in the world today.

    That relationship, and my commitment to it, negated any possibility of becoming a disciple of Ilchi Lee. Many Dahn masters tried to change my mind, suggested I speak to others who'd had similar 'blockages' but my spiritual connection wasn't something I was willing to put aside.

    One of the things that happened around this time really disturbed me, although I don't know if it actually happened the way it felt: I was asleep, and suddenly became aware that someone else was in my mind, telling me what to do. I woke up, enraged, telling whatever and whomever it was to get the hell out of my mind and never come back. Really freaked me out. Not long after that I had a talk with one of the masters, said I felt like I was being manipulated in Dahn; she heaved a big sigh, said something to the effect of 'there's no way anyone could manipulate YOU'. Later, at a training in Sedona, I heard other students talking about their masters entering their minds, watching. These students seemed to take pride in this, which I couldn't understand. Like I said, I don't know if this actually happened---it seems a bit beyond bizarre. But it sure felt like it did.

    Dahn yoga, as a general practice, is good on many levels but I've felt for years--and argued about this with various masters--that their manipulation tactics will be their downfall.

    There is a flow of energy, as Dahn teaches, that must be in balance. Dahn, however, gives only to receive, to add more members, to further their vision--often at the expense of others' visions, families, and financial health. The practices are good--I've taught classes, love doing so, and people benefit from their teachings. But it got to the point where I wouldn't recommend people to centers for additional training because of the pressure tactics many of the masters employ. At the higher levels, what's said to the public is very different than what is actually going on.

    My experience with Dahn as an organization ended when I chose to proceed with my own vision rather than comply with Dahn's vision for me which was to become a master and open a center. Or, at the end, not become a master and open a center anyway (I was told I had 'master energy' even without undergoing master's training). After I made it clear I would not do so I was dropped like a hot potato. My son died suddenly, I reached out to my former master and got no response. It was like I didn't exist anymore. And that's a big piece, I think, in Dahn's difficulties: they do not truly connect at the heart level. The connection is determined by your usefulness.

    At an organizational level Dahn is not healthy. At a practice level--the exercises, meditation techniques, etc.--it IS a healthy practice, if you can find a place to do it without the organization entering in. Just my two cents.

    1. Your comments were very balanced. Dahn is very focused on the 2nd chakra, hence the money focus. I left because I am focused in the heart.

  61. I am confused. Why would anyone follow the teachings of a man who has a criminal past? I would completely discredit any of his insights personally

  62. I am member of Dahn over 7 years. I love regular class and front line Masters. They are moving every 6-8 months. I met many great masters and members at Dahn. However I don't care of Ilchi Lee. I never read his books and never trust no foods no sleep for 21 days! Come on! He is just regular business man. Please show me your evidences, Ilchi is enlighten. Also I trust BWV is pseudo science. I am very glad "no more Ugly Blondi Giant Mago" in the beautiful red rock. Ilchi, do you have regular common sence ? Go back Korea and I quit Dahn, no more support.

  63. All the people on here that say that havent had any negative experiences in Dahn are lying. Everyone who has taken classes there knows that the masters are total a$$holes when you dont sign up for a workshop or dont do something they want you to do. they want to control your life.

  64. Are all of you that feeble minded? Did you learn anything from your spiritual experiences of finding and communicating with your true self? Have you not felt energy in your palms during meditation and grow that energy? Dahnhak (Dahyoga) has taught you how to do all of this and all you can do is criticize them because they pushed you to do a workshop? News Report! You don't have to! The genius thing is that you have control over your growth and if you want to stop growing then stop! If you want to keep growing then you have to make sacrifices because that is what is necessary. Think Buddhist Monk reaching Nirvana, no different. When You picture a Buddhist Monk reaching Nirvana do you think he sits on a couch and eats potato chips and watches baseball while shooting the sh*t with his buddies? I don't! Attaining enlightenment is huge and takes huge sacrifice! Most people are not willing to make those sacrifices and that is just fine! I didn't because it is extremely hard! I am in the US Navy now and this was my choice! I did talk to one of my Dahn instructors that I even worked for at the center for a while about joining the Navy. She thought it was great for me and that it was a good fit for me. I was going regardless of talking to her or not but she had a strong intuition that I trusted.
    Also, I have had training from Dr. Lee and he is enlightened. He knows how to point the way. He did meditate for 21 days to achieve enlightenment because that is the kind of sacrifice it takes. One thing I learned in Dahnhak that has helped me so much in the Navy is that the body and mind has so much more energy and power than we as individuals will ever realize. When I get tired from all the hard work I do for my job I know I have so much more energy to give and that it is only my brain telling to give up out of old habits.
    I started practicing at Dahn in 2003. I can never thank them enough for everything I have learned and most of all EXPERIENCED!

  65. (Following my last post)
    Also Mandala, you do not know the power of the spiritual mind and positive energy if you post negative trash such as this in the world wide web for people to read. You may think you are cool and talented because you can do a a really cool yoga pose but yoga is not about being cool. Yoga is meant to heal one's mind and body and to share this energy with others in order to create a peaceful world. And here you are spreading disgusting lies about someone you will obviously never understand. You're a disgrace and I hope you don't teach. It would be sad for others to have a tainted view of yoga and spirituality.

  66. You know, unless you yourself had a personal experience of abuse by any Dahn masters, you would think the world of them and of the training.

    The training is amazing, it truly is. Yet it is just an ancient form of physical, emotional and spiritual training, so of course it's brilliant. It's ancient for a reason.

    Any masters who are still loyal to the organization and Ilchi Lee it's because, in fairness, they haven't had a bad experience first hand, so why on Earth would they think otherwise?

    You know, I found it kind of funny that someone wrote that they are alive thanks to Dahn... I almost killed myself 4 times when I was a master with them. It is only when you become a high-level master that you have access to EVERYTHING of what is going on behind the scenes. Most Western masters will NEVER be allowed to see it, because it is not safe for the organization, and they know it.

    I was very badly physically abused (leaving aside the mental hell I was put through, I am just pointing the mere physical facts as they happened), mainly being hit in the head and chest and all over the body quite a few times (among other stuff my "senior masters" did to me). And I am not part of the lawsuit because I DO NOT WANT A CENT from Dahn. I just want the truth to come out.

    So come on, Genia, what could my motives for telling the truth be?? Revenge? Recognition?
    You tell me. The truth is, I have done my healing in regards to everything I went through with this group (Dahn), and I have a deeply fulfilling life, helping others heal. Which is what I always wanted to do to begin with. I have no need for revenge about anything, nor do I hold any deep anger any more - it's not good for your health!

    But it worries me that many vulnerable people are at risk, that's all. Because I must be a rock, in order for me to have survived what I went through with them... But other people may not be that strong.

    And, again, to all of you who love the training, I totally agree that the physical training itself is great. But remember: do you speak Korean? Like, really, really understand it fluently? Have you ever been in a "private meeting" with Ilchi Lee, where he allows himself to be like he really is? Have you taken part of the most private discussions about what is going on behind the scenes? (only very high-level or senior masters attend these). Well, until you do, you can't really claim that you know the organization that well now, can you?

    To all, just take care and I wish you all the best...



  67. There is no doubt that the Dahn Yoga Exercises are highly beneficial to health and well being, and even have the potential to heal diseases.

    However, it is important to carry DISCERNMENT on the spiritual path, especially if you are a woman around a man with spiritual power.

    We are living at a potent time on our planet. The feminine essence is being reclaimed. These stories coming out about Lee are one example of many that is being unveiled right now. This does not negate the actual practices which are great. However the Light does Not Fail and this exposure is part of the perfection.

    There have been countless moslty male teachers whom have great spiritual and healing power that have abused this. They are 5TH DIMENSIONAL CHARLATANS! YES they have spiritual power to share. YES that is a gift to humanity. But they are not enlightened end all be all. THEY ARE NOT ASCENDED. TO BE ASCENDED YOU HAVE TO BE WITH A PARTNER WHOM IS YOUR EQUAL!. Has Lee had a relationship with a woman whom is his spiritual equal, whom he surrenders too? This will keep him in check!! If he is not that is something to question.


    Thank you M for speaking out in your truth and for all the rest for your courage.

  68. I have been a member of Dahn Yoga for eight months now. I have had great benefit from doing all of the exercises and have been dedicated to practice 2-3 times per week. My posture, flexibility, my core strenth has improved greatly. I am active in other sports such as skiing and these exercise have had a tremendous cross over benefit. With all of the good, warm fuzzy stuff said, I have just experienced the deceptive downside of Dahn. Over the last eight months I have been padding along thinking that all of this cult talk that I would sometimes read about on the web was just a bunch of internet rubbish - until this weekend. I have been putting off going to the Shim Sung workshop (eight months to be exact) since I started. The Master would on a weekly basis pressure me subtly and sometimes openly to attend. The open pressure was of course telling me about it weekly but also, I have not been allowed to advance in the "levels" in the "level up tests", the flexibility tests of sorts, even though my scores were high enough to advance until I went to Shim Sung. Advancement would of course allow me to work on more advanced yoga poses/movements. She even wrote it down on my evaluation sheet. There were a lot of reasons, time, other hobbies, obligations, work, etc.. that prevented me from going. But I finally realized that the main reason was that I wasn't going was that I really didn't know what it was about. I'd ask the center leader and she would say "To open your heart. Your heart needs to be opened. You need to find your true self". I guess she was assuming that my heart was not already open. How she thinks she knows that is a total mystery to me since she know nothing about me other than I can do "sleeping tiger" pretty well for 15 minutes. Needless to say - I paid my money and went. Wow - I soon learned what this is all about. I sat through an intensive day of physically and emotionally draining "games". One of these games was a game where you were asked to think about the terrible memories and the good memories of your parents. We spent several long minutes SCREAMING phrases at each other like - "You are selfish!" "No
    I am not selfish", "You are nothing", etc. in an effort to cleans ourselves, forgive our parents and be healed. And of course after all of that shouting, sappy music and quotes by Lee came the big "Love Bomb". Lots of hugging, individual hugging, group hugging, tears, etc.. When I left in the evening, I felt like I was in a trance. I even had a family member comment on it when I got home. And - I was angry. I thought of course like the Dahn workshop people told me to think so that I go to more workshops to get healed and get sucked in further - I'm still angry at my parents. I've had some terrible things happen in my family when I was young which I don't have to get into here. But things that even include the murder of a family member by my mother. I worked those issues out with professionals, the best that a person can, many years ago and have been a happy, successful person with a very rich life. I soon realized that my anger was with myself for getting sucked into this AND with Dahn for the deliberate deceit and secrecy.

  69. This is the second half of the above post. This organization is intentionally deceitful about these workshops. It's no wonder I didn't really know what the content of this workshop is about. I thought "I guess I just don't get it" You bet I didn't get it. It's in the rules of the workshop! People are not to share the contents with anyone. It's all a big secret. The truth is they suck you in, attempt to break you down emotionally, and then build you back up emotionally in their vision of what "enlightenment" is. Even if it is not a full blown cult - whatever that is. It still sounds like cult behavior. If it looks like a duck..... It seems that they just assumed that I had not dealt with issues in my life and needed to go through this. It seems that they assume this with everyone. The fact that they don't evaluate anyone and speak to individuals about psychological issues and coerce you into this pseudo/psychological training without speaking to you about it is reprehensible and controlling. That is the bottom line - control. If anyone in their right mind really knew what this workshop is about, they would not go. No wonder they don't really tell you what it is about. I am assuming that the follow on workshops are similar from what I have read on the blogs - pounding the floor, crying, screaming, toilet water, even the pseudo worship/dedication to Lee. Now several days later, I'm out of my trance-like state thinking clearly. I will never to back to Dahn Yoga.

  70. This is continued from the previous post as it was too long:
    This organization is intentionally deceitful about these workshops. It's no wonder I didn't really know what the content of this workshop is about. I thought "I guess I just don't get it" You bet I didn't get it. It's in the rules of the workshop! People are not to share the contents with anyone. It's all a big secret. The truth is they suck you in, attempt to break you down emotionally, and then build you back up emotionally in their vision of what "enlightenment" is. Even if it is not a full blown cult - whatever that is. It still sounds like cult behavior. If it looks like a duck..... It seems that they just assumed that I had not dealt with issues in my life and needed to go through this. It seems that they assume this with everyone. The fact that they don't evaluate anyone and speak to individuals about psychological issues and coerce you into this pseudo/psychological training without speaking to you about it is reprehensible and controlling. That is the bottom line - control. If anyone in their right mind really knew what this workshop is about, they would not go. No wonder they don't really tell you what it is about. I am assuming that the follow on workshops are similar from what I have read on the blogs - pounding the floor, crying, screaming, toilet water, even the pseudo worship/dedication to Lee. Now several days later, I'm out of my trance-like state thinking clearly. I will never to back to Dahn Yoga.

  71. Dahn Yoga centers, are typically in rich neighborhoods, I've noticed that. The Dahn Yoga center where I am has been there for at least 15 years. They prey on the weak. Pure and simple. I went there for a typical yoga class, and that is NOT what I got. Right when I signed up, all the yoga classes were pretty much cancelled, and they tried to get you to sign up for these expensive retreats! I just ignored them. The few yoga clases I did goto, were very very strange and cultish, and they never ended on time. I however, had a baby sitter, so I did not want to be late, and there was this girl that was literally pulling my arm, and jerking me not to leave.. (like my 5 year old does!) I literally had to shake her off me, and treat her like a would be attacker! I think this place my prey on the lonely, a lot of lonely housewives where I live, and I guess they keep getting a new crop of rich people to pay their outrageous fees. I did goto one reasonably priced seminar, and it was very strange. I was not allowed to sit next to the person I wanted, and for the exercises, they would break us up!The last 30 minutes of it, we had to repeat some stupid mantra, as if the guy were trying to brain wash us.
    I am all about yoga and the chakras, but these people are such a joke!!! I cant beleive they are still running this scam. I 've been reading about these scams for years, and I shake my head that the Dahn Yoga center is still around in my neighborhood, especially now. Restaurants and banks are closing, but the Dahn Yoga center still stands. I guess being a criminal does pay the bills.

  72. I am reading people's other posts, and I just want to say, that dont feel bad about getting sucked in. It can happen with anyone, and with anything. Its called seduction. When something feels good, like maybe you've had a good experience in the beginning, then they try to suck you in more deceptively, so you wont notice, or dont WANT to notice. Thats the thing. Yoga really is a beautiful thing, but they've perverted it, much like what some churches do to religion. But you dont know if you dont try. I tried it, thought it was strange, and got out. Where I am, there are few yoga centers, and if any so I tried it. What can I say, there are evil people in this world, and rarely do they come out and say, "hi, I am evil, would you like for me to take advantage of you?". And any organization that has such a bad reputation and for so so so long, I guess on some level, and at some point, people are getting something out of it. I just gave the lady lip service saying that I was interested in ALL the seminars, but only plopped down a minimal amount of cash, that any seminar would cost. I guess they thought they had me, so they started in with the ugliness right away, and I even said, "you are very strange and inappropriate." and she backed off, and I never went back.

  73. Yoga is good. I love Yoga.
    I have practice Yoga for three months, it has not only improved my back problems and aching joints, but it also improved the sex lives, stronger sex drive, better erection and orgasm.

  74. I have been attending Dahn Yoga for the last few years and on the verge of getting out. Isn't the art of spirituality to go inside of your self and to find your own greatness and creativity? Well dahn masters considered themselves quote on quote spiritual but do they follow that. Let me break it down no they do not. Dahn yoga masters and the program is a spiritual mcdonalds in that it is basically corporate spirituality that is mechanical and robotic. They all take the same and are viewing their own spirituality all based off of one chubby white haired unattractive korean sexual predictors teaching. Little do these quote on quote enlightened people know that they are bulding their lives on what they hear on the outside and not within. Their lives are not theirs but rather a dahn life. They have lost their brains and minds and are constantly critical of their members minds and hearts. Take a good look at members they are strong individuals who dont need a chubby white haired man to tell them about life. Dahn has younger soul masters who have a high degree of spiritual narcissism praying on members to suck money out of them. Lets all get back to our roots here and understand that dahn is not spirituality it is a religion in which a white chubby fluffy haired Asian benefits. These people will never have for the most part children, their own homes, lives, spouses or their own brains or hearts. They are in a spiritual robot factory and are branded the exact same business. We need to help these unevolved masters to get them out of this mess and enlighten them to live their own life and experience spirituality in their own perceptional lens and not the dahn lense. This arrogance by dahn masters and their talk of new world need to stop. The world that they want is a dahn world in which people bow down to one man and do not find the truth inside of themselves. For if they were to go within they would be a lot more creative and less uniformal. The spiritual mcdonalds needs to stop this is a cult religion!!! get out asap!!!

  75. I totally disagree with all the negative posts regarding Dahn Yoga. I practiced for a year, moved out of state for 2 years, and just returned to practicing again. Nothing in my life has helped me as much as Dahn Yoga. Physically, mentally and emotionally! I am so glad to be back. I have never felt pressured for money. They have worked with me when I was not able to afford my membership, with discounts and payment plans. And compared to other yoga studios, they are not charging unreasonable amounts. As far as workshops, any workshop you take outside, such as a writing workshop, are usually a few hundred dollars. And yoga teacher training outside of Dahn Yoga runs around $3000. So I don't believe what they are charging for workshops and training is at all unreasonable. You have to compare it to outside yoga studios and training and workshops. Peace!

  76. Been a member for about 1.5 years. Currently have a cute master and I think she knows I find her attractive. I've only ever gone to regular classes but she's been trying to get me to do other training which I always decline. The other day she calls me at home saying that she was just "thinking of me." I thought it strange, like she was trying to make me think she'd be romantically interested in me. I'm pretty certain she has no interest in me that way as she seems completely devoted/brainwashed by this cult, so much so that she would try to seduce me, so to speak, into spending more money there. It's like she couldn't lure me in other ways, and will try anything to make money for the place. It's eerie. I do like the classes though and will continue to go to them, but that's it.

  77. This place is a cult, scam and a shame. 100 million enlightened earth citizens. That sounds like all cults. Look at manson he said we will be saved from the race war in which we will come out of the bottomless pit. What is enlightenment to a dahn yoga master. Losing one's own voice, betrayal of the life you were born to live and to be totally subservient to a man who would not even go to to your own funeral or does not know your name. ilchi lee is a fraud, womanizer and rapist. When there is smoke there is fire do not listen to these blind dahn yoga employees. Time and time again we hear the same exact claims about lee there must be something to it. It is blind faith that allows a dahn master to become a little slave. They lost their own critical voice in their heads and cannot find fault in the system. This is popular of all cults its ok susan atkins was freed to!! For starters dahn is not a spiritual practice. It is a religion that requires individuals to turn their backs on their lives that were born to live. Individuals live in a robotic existence once they become masters. They do not have the jobs that they were intended to have, do not have children and do not have a wife. These were all planned for most souls and sadly dahn masters turn their backs on spirit to become a full time yoga instructor yes yoga instructor. Let me ask these dahn masters something what in gods name separates you and other yoga instructors? Do you hear other instructors claiming to be narcissistic masters of life and claiming to save their world Their quality of life and yogic practice is the same or better as yours. What on earth does teaching yoga class next to a shopping center have anything to do with creating enlightened individuals? Enlightenment is subjective it is our own and for one to do it for starters we need to become our own masters of self. It does not require us to be subservient to a master with spiritual narcissism. Second of all lee's teaching are stolen. What did he do that is so new? Tai chi is practiced everywhere jumping up and down brain wave vibration? you mean dancing? He claims to be the creator of dancing your head and feeling good haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Dahn masters please stop turning your back on the life you were born to live and develop your own voice. There is such hypocracy and ego with these masters. Have my own mind and own voice is preached at shim sung. That is laughable these masters havent had a mind or voice of their own since they starting wearing their robs. Their vioce does not even sound like theirs it is a Korean broken English. It is so sad to see Harvard graduates speak like English is a foreign language. Cult indoctrination, freedom of mind is what we need and a real enlightenment for masters to notice is that you are being used. It is ok you can leave and live the life you were born to live. Not some existence in a vacuum that has false hopes and dreams. Pick your pants up masters take your egos aside realize that you have fucked up and move on with "your own life".

  78. Everyone knows that Ilchi loves women and money.

  79. http://www.selectsmart.com/ilchilee.html
    I know someone well who was a Master for several years but quit a few years ago. He validated almost all of what was said in the lawsuit (^ that is original link), just based on his own experience, but he admits he doesn't quit know for sure about the sexual allegations from the founder. He says his experience of joining dahn yoga was like being the lobster in warm water, where the temperature keeps increasing but you don't realize it until its so hot, your boiling/changing/losing yourself, and you can't get out. He said the vision and its ideas is on beautiful grounds but what actually was happening, what masters would do and guilt they would feel to do things was so unethical and extreme "for the vision" But truly when you're in it he says it seems so normal, need to"save humanity" and the founder is the way. They really do idolize the founder as the messiah, father of the soul. At first, its all through the yeha programs for young people, 'love bombing' is what Ive seen it called. But my friend said they dont even realize thats what they are doing, they genuinely think they are saving the world. But its so narrow-minded; saving the world within the structure of dahnhak. In Korea its literally "Dahn-World". They genuinely feel you will have despair if you leave. They feared for his soul when he quit. It took him a long time to recover. It was so strongly engrained in him "use all your time for humanity" that he struggled with finding meaningful work because he lived in a state "this is not enough, you are not enough" for so long he had to seek cult exiting counseling. Steve Hassan a cult expert who helped many of those in the lawsuit has been really helpful to him. He wishes there was a community for those who leave it, especially for the masters or and perhaps for very involved members. Sorry to hear about your experience. For me, I did a little when my friend joined but I don't know I didn't get that much from it. Its interesting how thats the case for some. I wish more people could see all sides.