Are Chocolate Eaters Depressed?

As I sit here eating my daily chocolate fix, I discovered that researchers at the University of California, San Diego just published a study that suggests people who crave chocolate may be depressed. "It's possible chocolate has antidepressant effects and that's why they are eating chocolate," researcher Beatrice Golomb told the Wall Street Journal "I think many of us believe chocolate consumption, at least in the short term, makes us feel better."

However, Golomb was also careful to say the study does not conclude if chocolate quells sadness. There's no doubt there's often a link between mood and food but when it comes to chocolate the question remains: do depressed people eat more chocolate because it makes them feel better or does eating chocolate make them feel more depressed?  I certainly hope it's the former because nothing sounds more depressing than giving up my chocolate habit. 


  1. Just reading about choclate on a yoga page cheers me up, so the salutbrious, mood-lifting effects of eating it must be true! Good piece. Thanks.

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