Dahn Yoga's Ilchi Lee Resigns Amid Allegations

I posted last June about Dahn Yoga's creepy lawsuit that outed all kinds of unsavory allegations -- some that involved toilet water, others about improper sexual conduct.  It's one of Living L.A. Vida Yoga's most popular posts and it generated passionate responses.  Now it appears Dahn Yoga founder Ilchi Lee has resigned.

Forbes reports that the lawsuit "has taken a toll on the leader". In a letter published on the Dahn Yoga website Lee asserts it's the media's fault for reporting about the lawsuit. He writes:

I hope that such mean-spirited actions will not be perpetrated or tolerated in the future. The slanderous actions and sensational gossiping to the media by some people have unfairly targeted organizations...and I wish it would stop, once and for all. I hope that everyone can use the infinite creative power of their brain to create a better world with hope and conviction, rather than to justify their own victim mentality.
Victim mentality? Interesting...it almost reminds me of the Catholic Church.

image courtesy of www.ilchi.com

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  1. Wow, things can get blown out of proportion sometimes, because of the press and media sites, I think someone is innocent until proven guilty.