Getting High on More Than Breath; Ganja Yoga

Toronto yogi Dee Dussault likes to smoke pot and she likes yoga. She's decided to combine her two likes by teaching a Ganja Yoga class at the Follow Your Bliss studio in Toronto. The 420-friendly gathering is a bring your own weed affair where yoga is "enhanced" with pre-class tokes. The class description reads:
Cannabis is among humanity's oldest and most useful cultivated crops, so it is not surprising to find that it has been intricately associated with spiritual awakening in many other cultures and throughout history. While it is important to cultivate a meditative state without dependence on any external medicines, cannabis in its many forms is an entheogenic ("God within") substance that has been used by yogis for thousands of years. Some ancient Indian yogis/rishis ("see-ers") drank pot-milkshakes or smoked hash before meditation!
 ....A vaporizer café and chat (approximately 30 minutes), followed by a profoundly trippy yoga class, set to mystical music (approximately 75 minutes). Light munchies served afterward.  
Of course...Light Munchies.

In fact the Toronto Globe and Mail reports that yoga classes are being offered to chronically ill patients at marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, California and British Columbia. “When you’re high, you can focus better on your breath,” Dussault told the Globe and Mail adding that smoking marijuana in small doses also makes students more receptive to the poses and philosophies. “For some people, it makes them uninhibited and open to the idea of the heart chakra, for example.”

Namaste or Not Okay?

photo courtesy: Michael Mccarthy


  1. I think this practice of smoking marijuana before a yoga practice defeats the purpose. The whole point of doing a practice such as yoga and meditation is to align yourself with your higher consciousness. If done properly, there's no need to alter that connection with an outside stimulas. View this lecture by Yogi Bhajan. It gives a good explanation:

  2. I feel more open & at peace when I practice yoga while high - more centered. But to each his own!

    Just found your blog, hence the comments 4 months later. I'm enjoying the variety of subjects! I'll be visiting you often.

  3. This is too funny. Yes in LA herb is everywhere. They are like 7/11 stores now. Its funny to me to see some people in the yoga community be against smoking herb and others for it. Quite a mixed crowd we have : )