Winter Salads and Cabbage Worms

In spite of a rough start, the winter vegetable bed is finally ripe for harvest. The whole post-planting period seemed so innocent until I realized that those captivating and beautiful white butterflies with just two black polka-dots were really nasty, ominous warnings. They signified CABBAGE WORMS.  Such an ugly name for such a pretty face...isn't she stunning?

How could her spawn cause so much damage? But they did, with abandon. Cabbage worms love to munch anything green and leafy so my dinosaur kale and my pak choi suffered and became hole-ridden, sad and droopy. After consulting various websites I learned that an organic gardening-approved microbial insecticide called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) would stop the cycle. And, thankfully, it has. Now on to the snails...

 butterfly image courtesy of University of Maryland College of Agriculture

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